Trying out new combinations

Still on the theme of mono-printing, I have been trying new techniques.

The 83cm mono print on the left is of a thong weed partially dried but still malleable.

The one on the right is the same thong weed extended to 140cm rendered in 3 colours. At the suggestion of print technician Helen, both images are placed in front of a coloured drape. Here, the turquoise brings out the images’ green element.

Both prints are on white tissue paper, which is a recurring material theme in my work on seaweeds.

I feel that having the turquoise backdrop gives the print more substance without negating the fragility and ephemerality of the medium conveyed by the tissue paper.

The use of single as opposed to multiple colours simplifies the message but isolates the thong weed while the composition evokes movement. The use of multiple colours gives me the impression of multiple agitated existences in motion.

The single-colour presentation fits better with my body of work. The multiple colours convey a totally different aesthetic which makes for an interesting image but does it fit in with the rest of the work?